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Sign Up to Ref Competition Soccer Games

If you are interested in refereeing for the competition league, please email the club president at [email protected] for additional information. You will need to be fully certified to referee competition soccer matches and we would be glad to help you along that journey. We are always looking for referees willing to help referee these games.

Click here for General Competition Referee Information

Click here for more information on becoming a Certified Competition Referee


Sign Up to Ref Recreation Soccer Games

If you are interested in refereeing for the rec league, please email the individuals below and they can send you information.  Please tell them why you are emailing them and they will add you to the email list for the rec referees.

Danelle Robbins (Grantsville) - [email protected]

Rachelle Baker (Tooele) - [email protected]


General Information for Recreation Referees

One (1) referee is needed for U8 games

Three (3) referees are needed for U10, U12 and U13 games: 1 center and 2 Assistant Refs. Positions are available first-come, first-serve. Pay is the same for all positions.

Please note: if you have signed up to be an Assistant Ref and no Center Ref has signed up, please plan on being Center ref.


Payment Information for Recreation Referees

U8 and U10: $5 (not certified) and $10 (certified)

U12 and U13+: $7.50 (not certified) and $15 (certified)

**To be paid: print off the time card and have each coach sign the form at the end of the game.

**All of your forms will be collected at the end of the season and sent in all at once.  You will receive one payment at the end of the season. Don't lose your timecards, they must be filled out and signed to receive payment.

**Time card link:

Please verify the field addresses and be at least 10 minutes early to the games.  All field locations are listed here as well as under the Recreation menu above.

Note: If you are unable to referee, you must notify the coordinator in your area ASAP. It is your responsibility to make sure that you will be at each game that you are signed up for.  If you do not show up to ref a game that you are assigned to, you may be removed from the referee list.

We look forward to your help this season!