With Governor Herbert’s Utah Leads Together 2.0 plan shared last week, we are ecstatic to announce we are approved to begin modified small group trainings. Along with that came a strong word of caution that we must adhere to the guidelines with exactness or risk losing that privilege. Here is a direct quote from UYSA League Commissioner Cindy Baron:

“While getting our players and coaches back on the field is a massive step in the right direction, it’s imperative that we do so following the strict guidelines that have been assigned to us. When we spoke with Richard Saunders yesterday (Chief Deputy – Utah Department of Health), he made it very clear that failing to comply will result in loss of privileges and set us back significantly – perhaps months.”

Below are some of the guidelines provided for us to follow in order to hold these modified small group trainings. We ask for players, coaches, and parents to help each other adhere to these restrictions:

  • Limited to 20 or less players/coaches
  • Zero tolerance non-contact policy (coach/player or player/player)
  • No spectators allowed
  • Must maintain social distancing minimum of 10 feet between participants throughout training
  • Practices must be conducted outdoors
  • Players with fevers or other symptoms are not permitted to practice
  • Players/coaches must use hand sanitizer before, during breaks, and after practice
  • Players are not allowed to carpool to and from practice
  • Players should wear PPEs (masks) when not actively training
  • No Congregating Policy for players or parents in parking lots, at drop off zones, at entrance / exit areas of facility, or before or after training session

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